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Exercise and set your goals

No big success happens overnight. It is a step by step process that starts with goal setting.To achieve success you need to set little goals, write them down, make yourself accountable to them, believe in your ability to achieve them and make them happen. Most people don’t honor self promises and goals. This is why they never move forward. Set your goals and commit to them as if your life depended on them! At the end of the day, the quality of your life will be determined by your ability to reach goals. With fitness, it can be something like simply making it to the gym 3 times a week. Once you achieve that goal, then you can set the goal of losing a couple of pounds each week by cutting the bad fats out of your diet. After you accomplish that, then you can set another goal. Slowly but surely you keep building up until you have the art of goal setting down. Then you can start making bigger goals and plans. Suddenly you will see that what appeared out of reach and impossible, is at an arm’s length!